Everything you might want to know about how Claimer integrates with Xero

How do I connect to Xero?

It's really easy! Check out the getting started guide.

How do I disconnect from Xero?

From your Claim Dashboard (the screen you see after logging in), click the top right navigation and then click 'Companies' (see below).

Click the name of company that you want to disconnect from Xero to expand the section, and then click the gray X icon next to the Xero logo (see below).

You will see a confirmation dialog. Click OK to confirm.

What doesn’t your integration do?

Claimer's Xero integration does not write (change) any data within your Xero account under any circumstance.

I connected Claimer to my Xero account, but I can't select my team

If you do not use the Payroll module in Xero, you will not be able to use your Xero account within the Team section. In this instance, please add your team members by clicking the 'Add Unlisted Employee' button at the bottom of the Team section.

I edited something in Xero but it isn't showing in Claimer / my data is out of sync?

For maximum performance, Claimer stores a snapshot of the Xero data it pulls out. Whilst this makes it very snappy to view transactions, it means that changes you make in your Xero account may not immediately appear within Claimer.

The good news is that refreshing the data is very easy. If you're connected to your Xero account, within the Team, Contractor, or Expenses section there's a 'refresh' button (see screenshot below). Just click that, and Claimer will sync with Xero.

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