An introduction to the Xero integration, Dataflow, and Security

Claimer integrates with Xero to help its users make R&D tax relief claims more quickly, by reducing the amount of information that has to be entered.

If you do your bookkeeping with Xero it's easy: after you've signed up to Claimer, you create a claim, and within that claim you can connect to Xero.

Once connected, Claimer pulls out all the relevant transaction data from your company that correlates to that claim's period, making it really easy to put your R&D claim costs together.

Currently, the platform pulls out Payroll information and Bank transactions from your company's Xero account.

Check this guide for a step-by-step guide on connecting Xero.

Dataflow: what data does Claimer use from my Xero account?

It's important to note that Claimer only downloads data and does not under any circumstances add or edit data within your Xero account.

Currently, the platform only reads Payroll information and Bank transactions relevant to your selected company and claim period.


Much like Xero, Claimer uses industry best practices to ensure your data is safe. The platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services, and the transmission of data between Xero and Claimer is encrypted and authenticated using TLS 1.3, X25519, and AES_128_GCM.
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